Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21)
10.07. – 23.11.2014

With LEBEN, the TBA21 in collaboration with the Belvedere, Vienna continues to expand Carsten Höller’s investigations into paradox, doubling, animal life, the everyday assumptions of reality and the seams where they can begin to crumble. From the most basic ideas of scale, like oversized cages housing bullfinches in the exhibition space or giant mushroom sculptures in the Augarten Park, to the alien concepts of sleeping overnight or getting naked in a museum setting, Höller’s works prompt the visitor to unlearn and experiment playfully. Some of the works in LEBEN have been specially commissioned and conceived, others come from TBA21’s collection, like the Y installation. Y’s hypnotic tunnel of flashing white light bulbs stands in the Marble Hall of the Upper Belvedere; the disparate contexts and materials of the installation against its setting are yet another example of the artists's invitations to question the customs and appearances of life.

All images © Carsten Höller / Bildrecht Wien 2014: Gimpelwaage, Installation view LEBEN, TBA21, Photos: Attilio Maranzano | Installation view (Drawing) Kunst-Werke Berlin, 1999, Photo: Jens Ziehe
The Gorki Apartments are located in an old apartment building from the turn of the century, located near Rosenthaler Platz in Berlin's Mitte district. Opened in winter 2013, the 34 living spaces and two penthouses present something off the beaten track of a traditional hotel experience. Guests can choose to stay anywhere from one night to six months or more in the apartments, each of which were fashioned as a unique home: The interiors were done by Franco-German architect and interior designer Sandra Pauquet in collaboration with architect Kim Wang, and each room has a unique palette of furnishings, art and details. To support the apartment building ambience the designers replaced all room numbers in the building with fictitious names. In addition, every apartment receives its very own doorbell and mailbox and every guest resides under pseudonym, ensuring they can remain anonymous and nearly undisturbed during their stay if desired.

All images courtesy Gorki Apartments
Annual Summit for the creative economy, Weimar
29. – 30.06.2014

The original idea behind the Bauhaus, founded in Weimar in 1919, was not white boxes and tubular furniture, but collaboration: the collaboration of genres and disciplines as well as the interchange of arts, crafts and industries. Digital Bauhaus 2014 takes this idea into the 21st century and explores the formats and frameworks of creative group work, both online and on-site, that shape successful project organization. In the frame of an extensive program of hands-on workshops, keynote talks, panels and spaces for exchange, professional experts on collaboration invited to the summit will share lessons they've picked up, and delve into modes and models of working together both old and new.

Peres Projects
28.06. – 09.08.2014

With Group Spirit, Peres Projects presents for the first time an exhibition of classic African art alongside contemporary works, including pieces by unidentified African artists from the Bassa, Gola, Mende and Vai people living in what is present day Liberia and Sierra Leone. Created in order to appeal aesthetically to the spirit world when used by ranking women of the Sande, ‘Bundu’ helmet masks are among the most iconic works of classic African art. While these imaginative works do adhere to certain basic principles, each artist incorporates culturally specific and symbolic forms that depict concepts the community wishes to convey to the spirits, and whose meaning is known only within that culture. Beside this, many of the contemporary works in Group Spirit use rough, non-artistic materials that achieve elevated status through their association with twentieth-century abstract art. Liberated from literal narratives and relatable references, those works evoke spiritually awakened aesthetic codes, customs and traditions, speaking in the same voice as the masks' tribal ceremonies.

All images Courtesy Peres Projects, Berlin: | Hula Hoop Game, Leo Gabin, 2014, and Helmet Mask of the Sande Society, Gola, Liberia | Will Boone, HOAX, 2014 | Ida Ekblad, Mourner's Typescript, 2014
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